Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Update On Things

as some of u already know, my oldest son passed away. it will be 2 years on December 13 since he has passed. it is still and always will be very painful for me but i am now learning to cope with his loss. very difficult as he is/was my oldest son, first grandson, first nephew, first male cousin to 2 older nieces. 

learning to cope with these feelings of loss and grief is hard yet the next day when i look back i feel good having got thru a ruff time. i'm told these 'times' will be fewer and further between, so time tells all. it has only been 2 years - not long but in a sense way too long to be without ones son.

being able to get thru the bad times of loss/grief also helps me focus more on other things needing done, online and offline. i've already mentioned online things in previous posts. offline things will happen when they happen - the time is rite u could say!

and with all this - i am off. wanna get some surfing online done this afternoon. maybe a movie tonite dunno yet. will see when tonite gets here what happens!

Till Next Time!
Be Safe! Stay Happy! Prosperity to all!

Rae Sheets

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