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Friday, October 13, 2017

Life Gets Better

ah yes Life Is Good! i've been getting some good energy back since my bout with pneumonia this past July! feels good to be doing lil things myself again. like cleaning, laundry and cooking some decent foot! hate junky food. all fresh food ya know. 

so i've got a good cleaning done - fall cleaning i guess you could say - round da place. now to do so online. already started. once site i was in big, am still in but not as big. not on a team there anymore. i always felt obligated/pressured to do just that site and not the others i advertise in. so i quit the team. i know it is a bad time to do so but just couldnt do it anymore. i really tried to stick it out till the season was over, but just couldnt do it anymore. i am still a member of the site itself due to other sites i frequent having features and rewards from the site tho.

as for my days, they are getting more organized again with a routine i can really sink myself into again! sure i still have my depressing moments but they are not quite as frequent so that is a good sign i am on the rite road to physically and mentally healing. considering all i have been thru the last 5 yrs tho, it is still going to be something of a battle, but i am learning to take the mental and emotional blows from all the family loss as it comes now. never had a chance to do that till i learned from my 3 week hospital stay and the time after to take things slow, easy and as it comes. stll difficult but am able to deal a bit better lately!

and da rant be over! booya! see i didnt bore u cuz u read thru the whole post! bully fer u and me both!

and with this shorty post am back to it:

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