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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween & Fun!

the joys of Halloween! this was one of the 3 favorite times of year for my oldest son. i really do wish he could still be here but tis God's Plan to have taken him back almost 2 yrs ago. i am dealing a bit better but as anyone will tell u that has lost a child, husband, wife, sister, brother - etc the pain and grief do not go away. we just learn to live with the loss, grief, pain as time goes on. so this Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Season will be in memory of my oldest son, Brad! 

and with that, we are having some fun online, always! gotta keep a humorous side handy! helps thru those stressy times online and off! even so know when, where, how to use the humor tho. throwing it out there at the wrong time can be catastrophic to say the least. time, practice, patience!

over on the right are the main programs i use to earn online, Great Stuff! get in free while they are still young! and as with any program you join whether tis free or not, you need to work them or they wont reward you in return! best to write a list - A Master Plan so to speak. or if interested you can download the following EBook 'Internet Marketing Success Formula' free also! have at it ya'll. it has and is helping me as i am sure it will also help you too!

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