Saturday, August 19, 2017

All The Time!

i ask myself all the time - Y Am I Here? i do know it is Gods plan for me to be here. that is MY belief. it duz not have to be urz tho. we are all individuals entitled to our own beliefs. i will not preach at you so show me the same courtesy please and do not preach at me!

with that said, i've been thru some ruff times the last 5 yrs. in may of 2012 my sons father passed away. in february of 2014 my father passed. in december of 2015, my oldest son passed. in december of 2016, my step nephew passed. in february of 2017, my step nephews father passed. plus i just got out of the hospital recently. spend 3 weeks in with pneumonia. ruff times. am still trying to get my life back together. 2 of those 3 weeks were comatose due to being on a ventilator. so my muscle tone still sux. it is better than it was, but still improving daily. i get depressed because i still cannot do the normal things that need done around da place. clean is the biggy i cant do. and that in itself drives me nutz! i am always doing something around da place now i cant do anything that needs done round here. makes me feel useless most times.

i do have my TV but that is depressing with all da crap they show these days.  now, online! i can get into being online big time and lose track of time. but when i get depressed or feel useless i cant even be online. have trouble focusing!

so with all that - i am done ranting! i promise i wont rant here anymore! 


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