Sunday, December 10, 2017

Run of Good Days

we've been having a run of good days since the end of October! booya! great stuff. today tho was the best of 'em! got to get outta here for awhile and visit with mother and auntie! even brought home some things they gave me! lil thangs. finally got to give mother the CD i been wanting to get over to her too. she'll let Auntie use it when done. told 'em trade off long as they want to! can snag it sometime and burn a couple copies for them down the road. mayhap next month dunno yet.

so now that we're back home and settled in i think tis time to get some things going online for awhile. catch up a bit. taking things a bit easy thru the holidays, then hit back at it again hard after the 1st of the new year.

so with all that! cya next post!

Till Next Time!
Be Happy! Stay Safe! Prosperity to All!

Rae Sheets